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What should be paid attention to when choosing Hotel Furniture?

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What should be paid attention to when choosing Hotel Furniture?

When people travel, hotel accommodation is a large part of the total cost of travel. To achieve the effect of value for money, many consumers will choose to go to those hotels with distinctive characteristics for consumption. When it comes to the characteristics of the hotel, the style of the hotel, especially the design of hotel furniture, is the main influencing factor. Then, for hotel operators, what should be paid attention to in the process of choosing Hotel Furniture that has an important influence? Generally, hotels prefer to adopt methods that consume less energy and material resources when purchasing Hotel Furniture. This method often emphasizes subjective factors, which is of course an important method of purchasing, but the following points are also very important. If you comprehensively consider the effect, you will be more satisfied and cost-effective.

Here is the content list:

  • l The appearance quality of Hotel Furniture

  • l Structural Strength of Hotel Furniture

  • l Material cost for Hotel Furniture

  • l Transport and installation of Hotel Furniture

The appearance quality of Hotel Furniture

Appearance quality first requires hotel furniture to have a flat surface, fine workmanship, delicate decoration, and clear and beautiful texture. Guest rooms Hotel Furniture usually uses particleboard, medium density fiberboard, blockboard, laminate, etc. as the base material, and uses veneer, wood veneer, and three plywood as the cladding material. Different substrates and cladding materials have different material properties. Failure to pay attention to the properties of the material and the correct use method will often lead to warpage of the board. The structural properties of the cladding materials on the back and front of the panel are the same or similar. The moisture content of the substrate is generally required to be 6-10%. In the workshop processing, the time of loading and pressing should be shortened as much as possible, different material properties, different moisture content of cladding materials, and different coating thicknesses pressing time, and pressure.

Structural Strength of Hotel Furniture

Most of the hotel furniture in the guest rooms is fixed Hotel Furniture, and the general structural plate type is mainly used, and wood screws, hardware connectors, and adhesives are used as the joint methods. When using materials, attention should be paid to different material properties, such as particleboard and medium-density board, which have poor nail-holding strength, and should not be used in parts that require frequent activities or strong nail-holding strength, such as door hinge screws, and bottom rails. The screw part is easy to loosen and produce sound. Special attention should be paid to the hardware pendant parts on the bed screen and mirror frame wall or use wood instead of reinforcement.

Material cost for Hotel Furniture

In the case of also meeting the requirements of use, try to use materials with low cost, and pay attention to the use of the same kind of small materials while using large surface materials, to comprehensively improve the utilization rate of plates. The number of Hotel Furniture in guest rooms is generally large. Use computers for reasonable layout as much as possible, and comprehensively utilize large and small pieces to reduce material costs. For different structures, pay attention to the comparison of material costs.

Transport and installation of Hotel Furniture

Hotel floors are generally higher, requiring hotel furniture to be light in weight and easy to transport. Especially for some conjoined bed backs and some lengthened writing desks, elevators cannot be transported, and freight elevators are generally dismantled when Hotel Furniture is installed. How to transport them safely requires special consideration of the weight and structure of materials.

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