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  • Maintenance and improvement of kitchen cabinets


    Kitchen cupboards could age when getting used for an explicit amount, therefore a way to maintain and clean kitchen cabinets? Let's take a glance next. Read More

  • SPC flooring with broad prospects


    The "new star" in the flooring industry-SPC flooring has attracted the attention of many users and floor material manufacturers once it was launched and is regarded as an important part of the strategic deployment in the coming year. Next, let us understand SPC flooring with broad prospects. Here are some answers. Read More

  • Processing information and technological process of SPC flooring


    The characteristics of formaldehyde-free and good performance make SPC flooring more and more people use now. Next, let us understand the processing information and technological process of SPC flooring. Here are some answers. Read More

  • What is the process of bathroom cabinets?


    Bathroom cabinets are often used in our bathroom furniture, in our life has a lot of use, it is convenient for our grooming and finishing their image, is our better communication with the outside world, to create a good image of the "good assistant". Because it is beautiful and generous, its production process is also very complex. Next is the introduction to the process of bathroom cabinets. Read More

  • How to prevent moisture in the bathroom cabinet?


    Bathroom cabinets as an essential object in the bathroom, it has always assumed the responsibility of storage and categorization of items, it can solve many problems of life toiletries badly placed. Bathroom cabinets, both hygienic and beautiful, but the biggest problem facing bathroom cabinets is: in the humid bathroom, how to prevent moisture? Here is the content list. Read More

  • The main features of SPC flooring


    SPC flooring is a rigid plastic floor. SPC flooring has many advantages, and it is an environmentally friendly material. Therefore, many home improvement and construction site installations abroad are in use. There are also many people in the country concerned, and soon SPC flooring will become Read More

  • What are the considerations for buying bathroom cabinets?


    In the bathroom, we will install a bathroom cabinet used to store some toiletries, such as bath towels, slippers, etc., not only to maintain the neatness of the bathroom but also to have a certain decorative role. So, what are the considerations for buying bathroom cabinets? Next are some introducti Read More

  • SPC flooring formula overview and common problem analysis


    SPC flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly floor developed based on high technology. SPC flooring can not only solve the problem of damp, mold, and rotten solid wood floor, but also solve the formaldehyde problem of other decoration materials. Next, let us understand the formula overview Read More

  • Material type of kitchen cabinets


    Kitchen cabinets are composed of five major parts, cabinets, door panels, hardware, countertops, and electrical appliances. So what is the material type of kitchen cabinets? Let's take a look together next. Here is the content list:1.Bamboo type2.Blister type3.Molded type4.Multiple frame type Bamboo Read More

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