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Hotel Furniture Collection

  • The classical style of hotel furniture


    Hotel furniture style is generally determined by the type of hotel. There are various types of hotels: resort-type, business type, villa type. Most foreign theme hotels, integrated hotels, and so on. The hotel designer determines the main tone of the space style, the furniture company according to its main style positioning with the activities of the product style. Next, we will talk in detail about the classical style of hotel furniture. Read More

  • Other design styles of hotel furniture


    In addition to the classic style of hotel furniture, there are many other design styles to meet the needs of customers from different cultures and regions. Each design style corresponds to a different lifestyle: modern avant-garde corresponds to alternative; modern minimalist corresponds to fashion; elegant corresponds to leisurely; China corresponds to nostalgia; new classical corresponds to nobility; European classical corresponds to magnificence; American country corresponds to leisure; the Mediterranean corresponds to romance. Read More

  • Installation design of hotel furniture


    With the development of the economy, the hotel industry is also booming and the hotel styles are gradually diversifying. In the design of hotel furniture material, the structure needs to consider the following five points. In the hotel furniture for guest room furniture targeted material structure design, you can focus on the following aspects. Read More