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The workflow associated with making hotel furniture

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The workflow associated with making hotel furniture

There are many processes involved in making custom hotel furniture. Only by doing every step here can hotels give their customers a comfortable environment to ease their long road trip and make them enjoy their trip more. Here is the workflow related to making hotel furniture.


Here is the content:

Know beforehand

Preparation before making samples

Confirmation and delivery

Know beforehand

First of all, to understand the customer information is in the form of agents not directly from the A-party to obtain the following information. To understand what project, what hotel furniture exactly to do (public area or guest room), to obtain the tender documents, and tender qualifications. To find out whether it is a solid or movable part, the size of the project, and the progress of the project. Also obtain information from the tender documents or with the client on when to quote, bid, and when the model room will be delivered.

Obtain relevant technical information from the client for a more detailed understanding of the product and quotation. The electronic file of the project decoration drawings and, if necessary, send the company's professional designer to communicate with the engineering designer on the specific content to be done. After reading the electronic file and determining the content to be done, we will prepare a quotation. Further determine the details of the hotel furniture, model room products, color plates, hardware, fabric, and other work.

Preparation before making samples

According to the bidding text to determine the details of sampling, in the process of determining the project offer can let the designer read the drawings to deepen the drawings, to buy time for sampling. And prepare all drawings and related information for the tender. Understand the information of customers and competitors in-depth, and make the sample room well. Also prepare a detailed list of the whole project for the quotation. Detailed material of hotel furniture requirements needs to be further communicated.

Confirmation and delivery

At the same time to prepare all products deepening drawings work. The solid installation part sends the company designer to live on-site to deepen the drawings to communicate directly with the other designer or communicate with the decoration company on node issues. Drawing’s deepening is completed, the site re-measurement and determine the details. After both sides have no errors, both designers sign. Finally, sign the engineering contract after the supplemental products, supplemental contracts.

Products under the business production order before placing the order to call the money paid to the opening of the material production. After the completion of the product to determine the order of delivery. Large engineering orders by region to determine the order of delivery, and communicate with the customer before delivery of information on the order of delivery. Also, draw up a list of engineering installation engineers to dock matters with the A-party. If there are problems with hotel furniture, then the need for on-site communication feedback to solve. After installation, we will take photos as the company's engineering case file. At the same time to prepare for the completion of the project acceptance matters. Finally, the final payment will be settled according to the contract.

We have a professional custom hotel furniture process. And we are careful to verify every step to ensure that the various needs of customers are met. Our products are confirmed by multiple departments every time they leave the factory. If you are engaged in the hotel industry, you can come to see our high-quality hotel furniture.



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