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What is the process of bathroom cabinets?

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What is the process of bathroom cabinets?

Bathroom cabinets are often used in our bathroom furniture, in our life has a lot of use, it is convenient for our grooming and finishing their image, is our better communication with the outside world, to create a good image of the "good assistant". Because it is beautiful and generous, its production process is also very complex. Next is the introduction to the process of bathroom cabinets.

Here is the content list:

  • Polishing

  • Cutting

  • Lacquer

  • Assembly


Polishing machines are flat polishing machines, shaped polishing machines, spherical polishing machines, irregular polishing machines, and manual polishing machines used for different shapes of wood processing, polishing machines at the same time there is a special classification of initial and fine polishing, the use of polishing wheels with the difference between coarse and fine and material.


After the first few processes of the board has taken shape, but to become part of the bathroom cabinet also need to go through the "cutting" process, the process requires a very high degree of precision, the components of the bathroom cabinet error between each other are calculated in units of less than millimeters, so the requirements of the part of the board after another measurement, cut off, Therefore, it is required to measure the parts after assembling and cut off the parts that do not meet the need, to meet the requirement that can be installed after painting, and sometimes it is required to assemble all the parts on-site to test that there will be no error. (Bathroom cabinet size ratio is determined only after repeated trial production of designers and experts, to ensure that the appearance of the proportion and practical function of the higher level, once the style will not be easily changed)


The use of professional polyester paint to ensure that the use of the requirements to do insect-resistant, waterproof, unique, and generous color is a major key to maintaining a high grade in the market. It is divided into primer and topcoat, which need to be done four times, the role of the primer is to close the pores of the wood, fix the color, remove the small wood thorns. Topcoat, to be dry after the primer can be topcoat, topcoat final performance cabinet color, but also waterproof and insect-proof treatment. Painting takes a long time, to cut the quality, can not simplify the painting process to shorten the production time, so a set of bathroom cabinet painting processes are in more than 3 days. Paint the workshop has a strict operation process, especially the top coating workshop, because the good top coating dry after the assembly, so the requirements of the workshop cannot have dust, all top coating workshop workers must wear masks.


The paint dries well in the professional installation of each part of the assembly table, and in the second check whether the bathroom cabinet size, installation, paint problems, assembly is over with cling film wrapped box and outside the carton box with a large specification wooden box fixed.

Hyman Hospitality Co., Ltd strictly follows the above process to produce bathroom cabinets, so the quality of our products is reliable.



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