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The classical style of hotel furniture

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The classical style of hotel furniture

Hotel furniture style is generally determined by the type of hotel. There are various types of hotels: resort-type, business type, villa type. Most foreign theme hotels, integrated hotels, and so on. The hotel designer determines the main tone of the space style, the furniture company according to its main style positioning with the activities of the product style. Next, we will talk in detail about the classical style of hotel furniture.

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Chinese neoclassical

European neoclassical


Neoclassicism: is the perfect combination of classical and modern, neoclassical design style is a modified classical style. On the one hand, it retains the general style of materials and colors and still can feel the historical traces and rich cultural heritage very strongly, while at the same time, it discards the overly complicated texture and decoration, and simplifies the lines. The essence of it comes from classicism. It retains the tradition, but also focuses on the practicality of the hotel furniture and improves the comfort of the furniture. According to the style, neoclassicism is divided into two types: Chinese neoclassical and European neoclassical.

Chinese neoclassical

Chinese neoclassical: Oriental culture is about the combination of content people form, the pursuit of natural, simple, and healthy beauty. Chinese style covers a profound cultural connotation and has quite an origin with the traditional Buddhist and Taoist culture. Contemporary hotel furniture designers in understanding and mastering the traditional Chinese furniture decorative elements, based on its classic elements to refine, in the modern hotel furniture design into the decorative techniques of Chinese furniture, is also the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese furniture.

Chinese neo-classical style: mainly is the interpretation of the cultural meaning of traditional Chinese style in the current context, and at the same time is a contemporary design based on a full understanding of Chinese contemporary culture. Chinese neo-classical style is not purely a pile of elements, but through the understanding of traditional culture, combining modern elements with traditional elements to create things rich in traditional flavor with the aesthetic needs of modern people, so that traditional art can be properly reflected in today's society. Chinese neo-classical hotel furniture is concerned with simple and smooth lines and delicate interior design. Through the characteristics of the Chinese style, express the spiritual realm of the Eastern way of subtlety and dignity.

European neo-classical

European neo-classical: the traditional works are improved and simplified. The use of many new materials and techniques to increase the sense of the times, but retain the elegant and dignified noble temperament of classical works. This style eliminates some of the traditional European style's complicated decorations and emphasizes more on the permeability and practicality of space. In terms of decorative techniques, neoclassicism attaches more importance to the heavy texture of the material itself and adopts more hard and straight lines, while the traditional complicated carving process is only used as the finishing touch. European neoclassical features: classical fabric patterns, local gold and silver foil embellishments.

Hotel furniture, as one of the carriers of hotel design style, is the main element to reflect different cultural characteristics and provide different functional services. Professional hotel furniture focus on creating a unique hotel cultural atmosphere for customers, from the most subtle, reflect the consideration of people, furniture, and the hotel's interior environment as one, complement each other.



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