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SPC flooring formula overview and common problem analysis

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SPC flooring formula overview and common problem analysis

SPC flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly floor developed based on high technology. SPC flooring can not only solve the problem of damp, mold, and rotten solid wood floor, but also solve the formaldehyde problem of other decoration materials. Next, let us understand the formula overview and common problem analysis of SPC flooring. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

1.Formula overview.

2.A brief analysis of common problems with poor product molding.

Formula overview.

The formula is an important factor in the processing of SPC flooring. Some recipes are outlined below. PVC resin has better strength and toughness and is environmentally friendly. Because the calcium powder is added in a large proportion, it directly affects the formulation cost, processing performance, wear of the screw barrel, and product performance, so it is not possible to choose too coarse calcium powder. The fineness of the calcium powder is 400-800 mesh. Due to the high content of calcium powder in SPC floorings and high plasticization requirements, in addition to the control of screw type and processing technology, additives must be added to help plasticization. And to ensure that the melt has a certain strength and a certain degree of ductility during the rolling process. PE wax is not only a lubricant but also has a dispersing effect. However, the added amount will affect the balance of internal and external lubrication and melt strength, increase the shrinkage of the product and reduce the peeling force, and the product will become brittle.

A brief analysis of common problems with poor product molding.

If the size of the SPC flooring product is unstable, the setting mold is not full, or the wall thickness is uneven. It may be due to unreasonable internal and external lubrication of the formula, unstable quantitative feeding speed, severe wear of the screw barrel, or incorrect fit clearance. The solution is to improve the ratio of internal and external lubricants, correct feeding failures, replace the barrel and screw, and adjust the gap between the barrel and screw. If the toughness of the SPC flooringproduct is poor, the product is brittle, and the impact resistance is unqualified, it may be caused by the insufficient addition of impact materials. The solution is to increase its impact-resistant materials as appropriate. If the finished product of the SPC flooring is bent, deformed, and partially sinks. The possible reason is that the machine head and the shaping die are not in the same plane, the extrusion speed is too fast, the cold water temperature is too high, the water pressure is too small, the water flow is insufficient, the water and air path is not smooth, and the vacuum negative pressure is insufficient. The solution is to correct the die and the setting die at the same level, reduce the extrusion speed and cooling water temperature, increase the water pressure and flow, and adjust the vacuum negative pressure to check that the water and air paths are unblocked.

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