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Processing information and technological process of SPC flooring

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Processing information and technological process of SPC flooring

The characteristics of formaldehyde-free and good performance make SPC flooring more and more people use now. Next, let us understand the processing information and technological process of SPC flooring. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Processing related information.

  • Process flow.

Processing related information.

The main performance of SPC flooring requires lower shrinkage, warpage, and better toughness. And to ensure that it is not easy to deform under various environments and has a better locking tension and a certain peeling force between the substrate and the film.

The processing requirements for SPC flooring are as follows. First, due to the relatively large extrusion volume of the SPC flooring production line and the need for online laminating, the stability of continuous production is very important. Second, due to the high filling of the SPC flooring, the screw wear is serious, and the screw value is relatively high, so the impact of screw life on the total cost must be considered. Third, the SPC flooring is relatively thin, requires small thickness tolerances, and has a fast extrusion speed, so it requires better material dispersion, plasticization performance, and fluidity.

The processing equipment of SPC flooring is as follows. One is the screw barrel with high wear resistance, relatively low extrusion pressure, and better plasticization. The second is to design a mold with reasonable and uniform discharge. The third is a multi-roll calendering system with simple operation and adjustment and precise thickness control. Fourth, the film-oriented tension control system is accurate and reliable and has enough cooling space and capacity. Cutting and moving should not adversely affect the appearance and warpage of the SPC sheet.

Process flow.

The specific production process of SPC flooring is as follows. First, the base material is made. Through ban burying and calendering, the thickness varies from 1.5 to 4mm, and the length and width vary according to the product thermal laminating machine. Generally, it is a backing sheet with a length and width of about 1220mm. Second, hot pressing. According to the requirements of the SPC flooring thickness, the bottom layer, glass fiber, base material layer, printing layer, and wear-resistant layer are superimposed and pressed into primary floorboards by a thermoforming machine. The third, the coating. Pass the primary sheet through a coating device such as a UV roller coater, and coat the surface of the wear-resistant layer of the SPC flooring with a UV layer. Fourth, tempering and finalizing. The internal stress of the product during the hot pressing process is released by tempering. Fifth, die-cutting. Punch the board into the required size. Sixth, slotting. Lock products require additional opening locks. Seventh, packaging. Eighth, adjustment. Place the packaged SPC flooring products in an insulation room at 22-25 degrees Celsius for about 7 days.

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