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​Other design styles of hotel furniture

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​Other design styles of hotel furniture

In addition to the classic style of hotel furniture, there are many other design styles to meet the needs of customers from different cultures and regions. Each design style corresponds to a different lifestyle: modern avant-garde corresponds to alternative; modern minimalist corresponds to fashion; elegant corresponds to leisurely; China corresponds to nostalgia; new classical corresponds to nobility; European classical corresponds to magnificence; American country corresponds to leisure; the Mediterranean corresponds to romance.

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European and American classicism

Modern Minimalism

Modern style and post-modern style

European and American classicism

What do European and American styles represent? It represents a heroic "baroque" style, but also a lifestyle and attitude of graceful and delicate life. Classic European and American hotel furniture shows classical, noble and elegant. The style retains the elements of traditional European patterns and smooth furniture shapes and reflects the elegance, nobility, and magnificence of European and American styles through the power of carving.

Corn, beige, and gold is the main tone of the achievement of European style, reflected by beige satin fabric, with corn, all over the curve and gold decoration of European hotel furniture. Beautiful curves, beautiful lines, and delicate fabric fabrics are the elements to create a romantic space. European and American characteristics of the carved openwork, openwork modeling process, creating a full of European style decorative pattern so that the product adds endless artistic appreciation. The general classic style of Europe and the United States home will be used to smooth the surface, with a sense of advanced bright wood, such as rosewood, mahogany, or walnut, and pay attention to its carving. European and American hotel furniture lines on the more complex, in the choice of materials, production processes, and surface decoration of the investment are also higher, so the style of hotel furniture is more suitable for large hotels in the luxury suites, presidential suites, or public areas of the hotel.

Modern minimalism

Modern minimalism is the pursuit of complexity into simplicity, the shape of the aesthetic concept of random energy. It seems to represent the thinking is to include some of the eternal values, such as respect for materials, the precision of the details, and simplification of complex design elements. Its aesthetic not only is the extension of Western modernism, but also covers the aesthetics of the East, so this style is very inclusive. The style of hotel furniture modeling simple less decorative, meticulous workmanship, reflecting the highly industrialized products of concise and sophisticated, with a strong personality.

Modern style and post-modern style

Modern style: wood and stainless steel combined with wood and glass another full linear color vivid. Post-modern style: the product shape personality, material application complex. Line simple and bright. Wooden material application is less. And leather, stainless steel, cloth, glass, crystal, marble, gold or silver, etc. are widely used.

Hotel furniture is concerned about the practical function and comfortable feeling. Furniture is a variety of human activities with a close connection to the furnishings, so the "people-oriented" design concept is particularly important, this practicality is based on the different functional needs of the furniture design. Hotel furniture decorative, furniture has an important role in setting the interior atmosphere and enhance the artistic effect, good furniture can not only give people physical and mental relaxation but also make people feel the furniture in the visual aesthetic sense of beauty. Give the furniture different materials, different scenes, showing a different effect and atmosphere.



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