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Manufacturing comparison of stone countertops

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Manufacturing comparison of stone countertops

The quality of the countertops block directly determines the flatness of the countertops, thus for quartz countertops and artificial granite countertops, let's take a glance at their producing comparison.

Here is that the content list:

1.Quartz stone countertops

2.Artificial granite countertops

Quartz stone countertops

Quartz stone countertops could be a new reasonably new technology artificial stone synthesized from fine and beautiful stones. Its producing method is made by connecting a collection of the foremost advanced and proprietary systems. The merchandise is wrapped with over ninetieth natural quartz stone or granite, then mixed with ultra-high-performance rosin and special pigments to mix. The countertops fabricated from quartz stone material guarantee high hardness, high-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, and simple improvement, with no radioactive components harmful to the build. Generally, the quartz stone plate contains up to ninety-three natural quartz and additionally contains rosin, mineral pigments, and alternative additives. The surface sharpening method becomes quartz stone. The surface of this plate is as exhausting as granite, the color is as made as marble, the structure is as antiseptic and stain-resistant as glass, and therefore the form once finishing is as good as artificial stone.

Its main material is quartz. Quartz stone has no radiation and high hardness, which makes the quartz stone countertops not unsmooth, stained, not burnt, not drained, non-toxic, and non-radiation. Quartz stone countertops have numerous colors. They'll be widely employed in public buildings and residential decoration fields. They're environmentally friendly and inexperienced new buildings that are freed from radioactive pollution and might be reused. Interior decoration materials.

Artificial granite countertops

Artificial granite is created of unsaturated polyester resin as a binder, that is created of marble powder stone sand or granite fragments secure with a binder. Standard granite is additionally referred to as artificial marble. There square measure 2 production methods: pill production and block production, each has its blessings and downsides. The previous is superior in diagonal and flatness, whereas the latter is best in uniform color and might even be used for special-shaped processes, like cylindrical processes. On the market, there square measure several production ways of block-type granite.

Product features:

① Most of the stone countertops use organic pigments of various colors. Organic pigments don't seem to be proof against daylight, moisture, acid, and alkali, and square measure simple to fade or perhaps amendment color.

② Most of the stone countertops have high glue content. On the one hand, the feel of the stone isn't sturdy, and therefore the decoration result isn't top-quality. On the opposite hand, the glue expands and shrinks greatly, the merchandise is simple to deform and warp, and therefore the service life is brief. Moreover, its glue is average. Contains volatile and poisonous gases, that square measure harmful to humans.

③ Stone countertops have several pores because of the method, the merchandise has poor impact resistance, and is simple to ooze and color, and has poor sickness resistance. Its gloss is faux, simple to be worn, and not lasting.

④ Marble countertops fabricated from marble powder don't seem to be acid-resistant, the hardness of marble powder and binder is extremely low, therefore the hardness of the marble is additionally terribly low.

The physical properties of artificial granite countertops throughout use square measure below those of natural stone and quartz-stone countertops. Once used on the bottom, it's liable to bulges, discoloration, scratches, etc., and it's very troublesome to scrub once long use. There's additionally a giant gap between natural stone and natural stone in terms of surface gloss.

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