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How to prevent moisture in the bathroom cabinet?

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How to prevent moisture in the bathroom cabinet?

Bathroom cabinets as an essential object in the bathroom, it has always assumed the responsibility of storage and categorization of items, it can solve many problems of life toiletries badly placed. Bathroom cabinets, both hygienic and beautiful, but the biggest problem facing bathroom cabinets is: in the humid bathroom, how to prevent moisture? Here is the content list.

Here is the content list:

  • Metal legs

  • Into the wall design

  • Waterproof material

  • New box

  • Rubber sealing edge

  • Hardware connection

  • Waterproof aluminum foil

  • Bottom drain bottom plate

Metal legs

Bathroom cabinets if you choose wooden legs are susceptible to moisture, and will unknowingly lead the moisture to the cabinet, which will eventually lead to the deformation of the entire cabinet. If the bottom of the cabinet uses metal as a legging material to support the cabinet, the problem is cleverly solved. In addition, the aluminum cabinet legs "bone" strong, in front of the basin "pressure" fearless, rust-resistant features to ensure that the cabinet legs do not rust after contact with water.

Into the wall design

The main source of moisture in the ground, which solves the problem of moisture absorption at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet, successfully blocked 50% of the water vapor penetration in the bathroom cabinet. Into the wall mirror cabinet set, to avoid direct contact with the ground cabinet, but also maximize the use of the upper bathroom space, "hanging design" and "waterproof material" two strong combinations of technology, so that the annoying moisture " Dissipate".

Waterproof material

Wooden bathroom cabinets absorb water easily deformed, so it has very demanding requirements for the surrounding environment, and the average bathroom is generally only a few square meters of space, not easy to do wet and dry partition. In the purchase of bathroom cabinets, you can use fire-resistant panels, wear-resistant panels, polymers, and other composite panels as cabinet surface materials, they not only have good moisture resistance but also simulate the color of solid wood.

New box

Box material is the main body of the bathroom cabinet, it is disguised by the surface material, easy to be ignored. Because the box material cannot be seen in the range of sight, so many people do not pay much attention to the choice of plate. In fact, not any plate can be used as a bathroom cabinet box material, only those who are both moisture-resistant and breathable special plate can take this "heavy-duty".

Rubber sealing edge

In the cabinet and the cabinet door contact place, the installation of the anti-collision function of the rubber strip, the impact can be a good buffer, a simple small discovery, easy to eliminate the noise of the door, moisture is also "rejected". Use multi-functional anti-collision rubber strips wrapped around the edge of the bathroom cabinet panels, fully blocking the moisture attack.

Hardware connection

Hardware connections include slides, hinges, and other parts, although only some small accessories, bear the heavy responsibility of the bathroom cabinets open opening close. Ordinary hardware connections are more "delicate", a little corrosion and rust will lead to cabinet doors, drawers cannot open or close, and affect the life of the bathroom cabinet.

Waterproof aluminum foil

After each bath, you will find that the bathroom basin or faucet encounters heat that will produce a lot of condensation, the water will flow along with the countertop into the bottom of the cabinet, and then cause mold deformation of the cabinet. If you can promptly add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber mat at the bottom of the cabinet can solve this problem, put them in the bottom of the drawer, in the moisture-proof at the same time can also be fixed bath products.

Bottom drain bottom plate

Basin directly connected to the cabinet bathroom cabinet is common, the frequency of use is also quite high. The basin outlet pipe will go through the baseboard into the ground, the basin in the condensation will also take the opportunity to quietly from the plate cutting edge to dip into the cabinet baseboard so that the bathroom cabinet baseboard moisture deformation. As long as the sink at the bottom of the pipe outlet adds a waterproof bottom drain, the life of the cabinet can be extended.

Hyman Hospitality Co., Ltd reminds you that a good moisture-proof bathroom cabinet can extend its service life to a greater extent.



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